The Lighthouse Club

This year the Lighthouse Club is celebrating 30 years in Asia since the Hong Kong Branch was formed in 1986. Over the past 30 years the Lighthouse Club has developed across the Asia Pacific region with members in Australia, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Macau, Manila, Phnom Penh, Singapore and Vietnam. The Lighthouse Club was established to promote good fellowship among its members who work in or are associated with the construction industry. It also provides charitable assistance to those in need within the industry and to their dependents where a fatality or serious injury has occurred. From its roots in the UK in 1956 to its formation of branches in the Asia Pacific region the Club promotes construction safety initiatives through education and awards.

To Celebrate its 30th Anniversary in Asia the Lighthouse Club has organized an International Construction Conference titled: Caring Construction, Collaborative Contracting, Continuing Professional Development in Hong Kong on 26th and 27th May 2016. Plus Three Consultants is one of the sponsors for the events organized by The Lighthouse Club as seen in the video below.

For more information about The Lighthouse Club, please visit The Lighthouse Club Website or visit The Lighthouse Club Facebook to get notified of the update.