About Us

Plus Three Consultants is first and foremost a company of professionals, created to advise and assist organisations within the Construction and Infrastructure Industry on complex commercial and contractual matters.

Our brief is simple: to apply the skills, acumen and experience of our team to our clients’ benefit, thereby maximising their efficiency, profitability and resource whilst minimising risk, exploitation and, of course, cost.

In recognising the contractual complexity and associated risks that are inherent within any construction undertaking, the primary aim of the Company remains the clear conveyance of contract understanding, be it for main-contractor, sub-contractor or end user client.

From the outset Plus Three Consultants has placed great importance on the professionalism and diplomacy of its staff. We operate rigorous selection to ensure our employees are equal to the challenges our clients provide. Our senior consultants have proven track records of successfully dealing with commercial and contractual problems on construction and related projects.

The three resident directors have between them over 50 years experience in the Far East and the Company employs a mix of local and expatriate qualified and experienced consultants based in the Asia Pacific Region. We are therefore well positioned to meet our client’s requirement with resident staff with considerable “local knowledge” and provide support and assistance from feasibility/tender stage through project implementation to financial close out including dispute resolution and litigation.

The Company adopts a flexible approach in regard to the Fee structure and is prepared to offer risk/reward packages that suit clients’ financial needs and the prevailing circumstances.

In the final analysis, however, it’s our ability to work closely with our clients and to achieve results cost effectively that keeps Plus Three Consultants in demand – and the fact is, our clients have given us repeat order business on subsequent projects, confirming the effectiveness of our services.

Contact our local office to discuss how we can assist you to achieve the most pragmatic, productive solution possible for your commercial and contractual issues.